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Subtitles and Captions

Why are YouTube subtitles and captions important?

It may not seem overly obvious, but closed captions and subtitles greatly increase content performance on Youtube. The main reason behind it is because Youtube and Google index captions and subtitles the same way they do video titles and descriptions.
This means that once you add captions or subtitles, you give these platforms a great deal of additional useful information that they use to understand your content better, starting to more frequently show your videos in search results, or advising your content when users watch similar videos. 
NOTE: automatic captions are not indexed due to high rate of error.
Now to the most exciting bit! Further benefits of caps and subs added to online media include:
- Prolong view time by minimum 12% (YouTube loves it because it lets them push more ads), 
- Boost video shares by 15%, 
- Reactions increase by 17% and 
- Call-to-action click-throughs grow by 26%.
- Apart from accessibility improvements, captions can help capture this audience segment who watch without sound. In fact, 85% of social videos are watched with the sound off. Your viewers may be consuming your content while taking a quick break in the office, out commuting, or simply at home beside their sleeping baby.
Oh and if you want to go for translated subtitles service that we provide instead of English closed captions, a simple shift to Russian translated subs or vice versa will open your content to hundreds of millions of new potential subscribers and viewers, that simply don't have access to your content right now. 
The team behind SUBTLY.CC has vast experience in translated subtitles and closed captions production for both offline and online media. YouTube, Facebook Watch and Vimeo are now our main playgrounds and it only takes a single srt subtitles file to get you started. )
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