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Video content SEO and SRT subtitles

YouTube SEO as a service by SUBTLY.CC

As of beginning of 2020, our Youtube SEO service comes as a compliment to all our clients that order closed captions or translated subtitles for their content. We work day and night to analyse how to make YouTube algorithm love the content we work with, not that our clients need it desperately, since their content is FANTASTIC the way it is, even without additional algo help or aids from the statistics nerds behind SUBTLY.CC.
Still, we are not greedy and if closed captions or subtitles are not your cup of tea, you can opt specifically for our SEO service, where we analyse your videos and channel, taking it to the first lines of search results.
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SRT Subtitles file
We will not bore you with technical stuff behind an srt file, but it is what you will receive from us, if you go for translated subtitles or closed captions service. Of course you will get a lot more than that, including other format versions of srt subtitles file, but let the rest serve as a surprise.
As for the srt file, it contains a time coded text, that you simply add to your existing or newly published video on YouTube, Vimeo, Facebook Watch or any other media platform, to make it captions/subtitles rich. You can also add srt subtitles file to your offline project via Final Cut Pro and Adobe Premiere alike software. 
Whatever your preferred way is, we guarantee that uploading an srt subtitles file to your content will be a stroll in the park!