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Uploading subtitles on YouTube? It's just a first step!

Updated: Oct 4, 2020

First and foremost it's a piece of content and this means that your attitude to it must be changed accordingly. Be mindful and the results will blow your mind!

When an author writes a blog, he/she most often researches what the right keywords should be so the blog does not vanish in the storeys of rubbish that the web is filled with and so that the blog has a chance to be discovered by like-minded people or those who are looking for an answer or solution that the writing covers.

Since YouTube indexes written captions and subtitles, your subs become a tool that can be utilised to get your YouTube content discovered. Hence, if you are googling how to upload subtitles on YouTube, it should only serve as a start to a greater analysis that you must execute prior the upload.

Keep in mind that it is never wrong to deviate a couple of words lengths from what you say in the video in favour of much-increased discoverability of your content. This is what we, at SUBTLY.CC always try to achieve with the work we do for our clients and as a result, we see at least a double in views growth for the vids we take care of.

Blog mentality

Think of it as a blog or a story that you write. A story to which all usual SEO techniques may apply. Still, this of course in no way should mean that you can deviate completely from the subject, so be mindful and smart about it.

As a result, you have a chance of giving a great ranking boost to your content, as well as adding the usual benefits of subtitles and captions that come naturally along with it. You can read up on the benefits of captions and subtitles for YouTube content in our earlier blog post, but for now, let's continue with the study of writing.

As mentioned earlier, whenever you decide to upload subtitles to YouTube content, do the standard blog checks too.

These usually include a keyword search. Check what the public is interested in along the lines of what your video is about and input this stuff into your captions. Make sure your word density is right and that it isn't becoming a game of repetition of the same word over and over again.

Last but not least, go about it as if you are telling a story. Imagine that you cannot hear what is being said on the video and then see if what you have transcribed makes sense. Most often, exact matching of words doesn't aid in the understanding of content since once the sound goes, your video becomes a completely different animal. This is why you should aim to make a story out of your subtitles, an infinite flow of words and ideas that grab one's attention.

The key to it all is mindfulness. Hence, when you look up how to upload subtitles on YouTube, don't make it the last step, but the beginning.

...and if you want to concentrate on your content production instead, we can do this for you!

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