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Advanced take on understanding Youtube channel growth.

Updated: Oct 30, 2020

youtube channel growth

Growing your channel on Youtube is not an easy job but there is a clear path to it, that if followed, will eventually bring just the right audience and active subscribers to your YouTube channel. Actually, a better way of putting it is that

if you do the right steps, you will get discovered by the right audience.

So how do you grow your Youtube channel and how do you turn it into a success that you can monetize on? Let's dive in and take a slightly different approach to what you would usually find online. We won't even come close to the standard tips and hacks of how to grow your channel so buckle up!

Foundations of Youtube channel growth

Long gone are the days when the good quality of your content was one of the main moving parts of a channel growth. Of course, it is still important but at the end of the day, let's face it, you are not the only one who does informative content with jaw-dropping videography. Therefore, competition for subscribers exists on all levels of content ranks and you have to be smart, to win the audience in the year 2020 and the following years too. SUBTLY.CC has been providing Youtube channel growth service for over 3 years now, and we are happy to share the insights with you!

Not to plan is to plan to fail

First, you need to look deep into the reasons why you run or plan to run a YouTube channel in the first place. It is thanks to this, that later, you will discover how to stand out from the rest and see the value behind the content that you create. Ask yourself this:

  1. What do you want to do?

  2. Why do you want to do it?

  3. Who do you want to reach?

Write your answers down because once you are done with all the questions, you will be able to see the big and full picture of what both you and your Youtube channel are all about.

Next comes the market. Pick any business book ever printed on this planet and I guarantee that it will highlight market research as one of the top priorities of any business. Same goes for Youtube channel growth. See what the rest of the pack is up to, whether the content they produce makes the audience engage. Sometimes, reading the comments can give you a perfect picture of what the crowd likes, doesn't like or absolutely hates.

  1. Does the topic of your content require you to be unique?

  2. What will set you apart?

  3. What motivates people to come and watch you?

As for motivation mentioned in the last question, it is usually the triggers that move people to watch your content and stay with your channel for more content to come. These triggers can be a general interest, emotional state, shared values (when viewer associates him/herself with you or your ideology) and many more. The more triggers you outline, the more exquisite your content will become.

Next step of Youtube channel development

Once you define the answers to the above questions, you will hopefully see clarity in what foundations you have. Knowing your foundations well is the first advantage that will separate you from the rest. Now, you must define other ways how to differentiate, which should be an easy task if you have studied the prospective audience first.

  1. Is your vision/perspective unique/different?

  2. Does it correlate with what viewers look for?

All in all, based on the constant Youtube space analysis that SUBTLY.CC team does, we identify a never-changing trend that stops content creators from gaining traction and growing their Youtube channel's subscribers. This trend is synonymous to the herd effect, where whether willingly or not, content creators mimic each other in mostly every content genre. Therefore, the faster you detach yourself from the herd, the quicker you will get your own herd of those who copy you. This time though, you will be the first and your Youtube subscribers will know it.

youtube subscribers growth

Youtube subscribers growth summary

Understanding your strengths and weaknesses is primary to successful channel growth and we truly hope that the above tips and tricks will help you to find yours. Once your foundation is built, you can only excel from it, because it is alike a launchpad from which the rocket that is your channel will rush into the skies. Be straightforward with yourself. Don't be afraid to outline your weaknesses, because at times they can become your strengths. At the same time don't be too shy about your strengths, because it's the building blocks that others may not have!

Understand your audience. In fact, spend a month studying the audience you'd like to have. See what their triggers are, what moves them. This is how you will set yourself to the same wavelength and become one they can associate with or aspire to.

In the end, it is only once you know exactly what your Youtube channel is about, when you will be able to find your niche advantage and make the subscribers count grow. Experiment but at the same time, utilise the market knowledge, because some experiments have already been done and sometimes you just don't need to step in the same puddle, right?

Identify your VISION - MISSION - VALUES, identify who you are and shape how you position yourself!
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