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About Us

Professional video translation, content growth, subtitles and captions!

Established in 2018, is a team of both translation and video production professionals with vast experience in these fields. Today we concentrate on Youtube content mainly since it is the leading video platform in the world, housing an incredible number of vibrant content creators who on daily basis turn the industry upside down. 
As for subtitles and captions, our attitude to work is to understand the message that our client wants to portray and then elaborate this same message in a different language. We never use translation websites since there is no heart to the results they provide and heart in our opinion is the key thing to a great content!
Content writing naturally became our second official service, since we love words and understand the potential words have in media and brand marketing. We not only believe, but know that coupled with advanced SEO, content writing can do wonders for businesses and their growth, hence becoming a key tool in marketing strategy. Oh, and by businesses we also mean Youtube channels.content writing website brand marketing, increase website traffic
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12 Meriden Court, Chelsea Manor Street, London, UK


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